Custom Subdomain Setup Process

You have the option to set up a custom subdomain for Banzai to send outreach emails for your events.  After setup is complete, Banzai will be able to use an email address such as Using your own subdomain will improve conversion and further promote your brand.

Note: Currently we can not support a custom subdomain if you are using Wix as your domain provider.

‍Setting us up with your custom subdomain will take some steps on your end, often needing to include IT, or Marketing Ops, or someone with the ability to modify your domain’s host records. Below is the process from start to finish:

  1. Choose the subdomain you would like Banzai to use (you will likely need to create a new subdomain since the subdomain will point to new nameservers.)
  2. Choose and create the email inbox you would like us to send emails from. This will need to be a monitored inbox to ensure the best email deliverability.

Note: We recommend you choose a generic email prefix, such as “marketing” or “events”. This will allow your team to set up various Sender Profiles for each individual event. For example, when opening an outreach email it could say:

Note: Please ensure your organization has tested this new inbox and is successfully receiving messages.

  1. Contact us at or via the Support chat to inform us that you’re ready to get your subdomain set up. Please include:
  • Subdomain (example:
  • Email Inbox (example:
  1. Optional: If you prefer to have a different reply-to address, please send this along with your above request to or via the Support chat.

Banzai will then need to complete a few initial steps on our end. When ready, we will get back in touch to communicate the 4 nameservers you will need to add to your subdomain’s DNS Settings. These are dynamic and will be different for each customer, but you can expect our instructions to look like this:

  1. Log in to your chosen DNS or DKIM provider and navigate to your DNS/DKIM settings for your subdomain (
  2. Add the 4 nameserver records below, one by one. (Note: these are examples!)

​​​​​​​When the above is complete, please contact us at or via the Support chat, and our team will complete the final steps needed to prepare your custom subdomain for your next event. ​​

Note: All current active events will continue to use Banzai domains until outreach is done. The new custom domain will be utilized for launching new events.