Marketo Integration Setup

Learn how to integrate your Marketo account within Reach.

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The Marketo integration is designed to automate data exchange by capturing leads, passing their registration data, and performing actions (Add to Lists) based on specific behavioral triggers within Banzai Reach.

If you use Marketo, you can now easily connect your account within Banzai Reach. You will be able to choose which lists registrants are added to in Marketo, which will bypass the step of us registering leads directly on your registration page.

Steps to follow:

In Marketo:

You will need to configure the setup in Marketo first before activating it in Reach. Please follow the instructions from Markteo listed below:

In Reach:

Activate, deactivate, edit and delete integrations from this section.

  1. Click Integrations in the top menu bar

  2. Click Connect

  3. Add Marketo credentials to connect the Marketo account with Reach

Once the Integration is activated, it will be available when creating events moving forward. At the bottom of the event creation page, you will see the Integration section. Click Set up action. This is where you can choose which list you want the data to map to within Marketo.

The Campaign ID/Name is optional but will give you some more organization. If you want to categorize your collected data with a specific campaign, simply create a new custom field in Marketo and make sure the title matches what you enter in Reach.

Click Next. Here you will see the Integration details and the events fields. These fields will match what you’ve entered in your event details custom fields. The system is designed to recognize the fields within Marketo, but if the fields do not match up you can click the drop down menu to choose where to map to.

Once all of those steps are completed and you’ve clicked Done, you will be brought back to your event page. Make sure to activate the integration before publishing your event.

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