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An “interested” lead is an individual within your selected audience who verbally agreed to register for your event over the phone, but did not complete their registration via the follow up email link yet. These folks fit the persona you are looking for, but may have not seen the email or simply forgot to register.

If your subscription has Interested Leads active you have the ability to view and export contact info for the interested leads for your events.

NOTICE: Interested leads have not registered for your event and therefore have not yet agreed to privacy policies specific to your business or to receive communications from you. Laws regarding communications with contacts vary by country and may include the requirement to prove you have the consent of interested leads prior to sending any electronic communications. You are responsible for ensuring you comply with such laws before you interact with interested leads.

  • Log in to

  • Click on the name of your event.

  • Click the link under the number of Interested Leads in the upper left.

  • If you want to export the list, click the Export button at the top right.

If your subscription does not have Interested Leads active you can still view the titles and companies of the Interested Leads that are pending completing their registration.

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