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Banzai Reach Release Notes
Banzai Reach Release Notes
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April 15, 2022

Version 5.3

Marketo Integration

You can now easily connect your Marketo account within Banzai Reach. You will be able to choose which lists registrants are added to in Marketo, which will bypass the step of us registering leads directly on your registration page.

Read more about this process and the steps to complete in order to set it up here.

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December 10, 2021

Version 4.8

Temporary Removal of Estimate Audience Profile Number

We’ve learned that the Audience Profile number and estimated target audience size which can be seen in a number of places throughout the app is not optimized to yield an accurate number that provides the best customer experience.

While we are actively working on improving this feature, we removed this counter from the following locations:

  • Create a Campaign page

  • View Created Campaign page

  • Audience Profile creation page

  • View Audience Profile page

With this update, the Audience Summary has a new look.

The estimated Audience Profile number and estimated target audience size will be restored once we’ve worked out the kinks and can provide you the best, most honest experience with Reach.

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November 12, 2021

Version 4.6

Interested Leads

Our goal at Banzai is to provide as much value to your organization as we can from the audience interested in your events. As of today’s release, when you activate a Reach campaign, you’ll receive an additional level of intent from your phone coverage: interested leads.

An “interested” lead is a professional within your selected audience who verbally agreed to register for your event over the phone, and did not complete their registration via the follow up email link. These folks fit the persona you are looking for, and may have not seen the email or simply forgot to register.

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September 22, 2021

Version 4.4

Custom Form Fields for Registration Pages

Custom form fields are now able to be added to your Banzai Reach registration pages. The fields that will always be included on your Banzai Reach registration page are Full Name, Email, Title, and Company.

It’s important that your Banzai Reach registration page includes all of the same form fields that your event’s registration page has. Now you can easily add the appropriate fields as needed:

  • Short Text

  • Long Text

  • Multiselect

  • Single Select

  • Marketing Opt-In

With this release, our registration pages also have a new look.

Updates to Sender Profile

Sender Profiles allow you to choose the name and title of the person from whom you want Banzai Reach’s outreach to be sent. With this release, all users now have the option to choose a Reply to Name and a Reply to Email for their event invitations.

Self-Service Phone Registration

Self-service phone registration has been implemented. This allows leads contacted via phone outreach to register themselves through a Banzai Reach registration page. The goal is to increase registration value with higher quality registrations.

This means our call center agents will no longer register leads directly. When the contact on the call agrees to register or requests more information about the event, the call center agent sends a specific email with event information and a link to the Banzai Reach registration page where they will be able to register themselves.

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March 16, 2021

Version 4.1.1‍‍

Registration Confirmation Emails

Banzai Reach can now send confirmation emails to your registrants. While creating your event, simply check the Enable Registration Confirmation box and each registrant will receive a confirmation upon registering on the Banzai Reach registration page.

If you provide a Join Link for a Webinar event, it will be included in the registration confirmation email. For On-Demand events, if you provide the Recording URL, it will be included in the registration confirmation email.

Recording URL for On-Demand Webinars

You can now provide the recording URL for your On-Demand webinars, and Banzai Reach will share the URL with registrants so you don’t need to send your own follow-up communication. The URL will be shared either on the thank-you landing page, in a confirmation email, or both depending on whether you have enabled Registration Confirmation emails.

If the On-Demand URL is supplied and the Send Registration Confirmation box is not checked:

  • URL will be shown on the thank-you landing page after registration.

If the On-Demand URL is supplied and the Send Registration Confirmation box is checked:

  • URL will be shown on the thank-you landing page after registration.

  • URL will be sent to registrants in the Registration Confirmation email.

If the On-Demand URL is not supplied:

  • You will need to send your own follow-up to registrants, including the On-Demand URL.

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Feb 26, 2021
Version 4.1

Database Expansion

We’ve expanded our contact database by +10X by adding a new data source. This will allow us to reach fresh new contacts and build brand awareness for your events around the world.

This new data source will provide:

  • Access to over 500M potential leads.

  • New, fresh contacts, from a reliable data source.

  • Improved international results, better conversion.

Note: Banzai Reach will continue to target outreach to a maximum of approximately 10k leads at a time for your events.

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Jan 4, 2021

Version 3.10.1

Registration Dashboard Update

We’ve improved our registration dashboard to show a breakdown of on demand requests and live registrations. This change will help you better understand your potential live attendance vs on demand viewing.

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