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Change the Date of an Active Event
Change the Date of an Active Event
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Here are the three steps to take if you need to change the date of an event that Banzai Reach is currently doing outreach for.

  1. Create a new event with the updated date by making a copy of your existing event

  • Log into

  • Click on the name of your event.

  • In the upper right corner, click Options>Copy.

  • Remove the word “copy” from the new event name.

  • Edit the event date as needed and click Publish in the lower right corner.

  • After publishing, you’ll be directed to create a campaign for your new event.

  • The cover photo from your original event will carry over to your new event, so be sure to update your cover photo if it includes the date.

  • Outreach for your new event will begin within the next 2 business days.

2. Cancel the event with the old date.

  • In your list of active events, click the name of your event with the old date and cancel the event

3. Did your event already have registrations? Be sure to communicate the date change.

  • You will need to reach out to all of your current registrants letting them know about the date change. Banzai Reach registrants are registered through your registration page, so as long as you’re communicating the change to all of your registrants, Banzai Reach registrants do not need any additional communication.

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