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You can view Email Campaigns for your event in the Banzai Reach platform at any point during or after your event. This is mostly helpful if you would like to read the email copy and/or see the dates emails were sent or are scheduled to send.

  • Log in to

  • Click on the name of your event.

  • Under the Campaigns header, Email Campaigns are listed by country/time zone.

  • Click on the Type (usually Invitation or Reminder) in the far left column of the Email Campaign that you want to view. This will take you to the Campaign details page.

  • On the Campaign details page, scroll down to the Outreach Summary and click View Email Campaigns.

On the Email Campaigns page, you’ll find:

  • Total number of emails sent by date

  • Upcoming scheduled emails

  • Open rates

  • Email copy

Note: Open rates are somewhat representative of the percentage of emails that have been opened. They give a general overview of engagement, but they have several limitations and are never 100% accurate.

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