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Registration Types (Live vs On-Demand)
Registration Types (Live vs On-Demand)
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If you are offering a recording of your event, registrants will have the option to choose between attending the event Live or viewing the content On-Demand at a time that is convenient for them.

We capture their intent in the Registration Type column of the registration page and in the registrant export - as either Live or On-Demand. You'll see the breakdown of Live and On-Demand registrations underneath the total registrations number.

At any point during your campaign, you can log in to Banzai Reach to view your registrations where you’ll see either “Live” or “On-Demand” in the Type column. You can also view the registration type on your registration export.

Note: You will also be able to view "interested" leads. An "interested" lead is a professional within your selected audience who verbally agreed to register for your event over the phone, and did not complete their registration via the follow up email link.

Tip: Check the registration types prior to your event so your expectations for attendance are based on the Live registration count. This will be the most useful number for your event preparation, as opposed to your overall registration number, which includes On-Demand registrants.

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