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When you create an event, you are automatically made a Watcher of that event. Watching an event means you get email notifications when the following happens:

  • Your campaign has started.

  • You get your first Registration (note: this is the only Registration you’ll be notified of).

  • Your event is full - we hit your Registration Limit number.

  • Your event summary, which includes a link to your Registrations .

If you didn’t create your organization’s event and you would like to be a Watcher, you can open the event and simply click Watch. You will see the text change from “Watch” to “Watching”.

You can view the Watchers of your event by clicking the dropdown arrow on the Watch button.

To make a Team Member (who is already a Banzai Reach user) a Watcher, click the dropdown arrow on the Watch button. Enter their email address into the “Type an Email Address…” field. As you type, their email address should appear as a selectable option. Once you select it, they will be added.

If you want to remove yourself or anyone else from being a Watcher, click the X next to their email address.

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