Where do you source your contacts?
Banzai Reach works with industry-leading data providers, as well as our own proprietary contact and behavior data.

How far in advance should I launch a campaign?
In order to launch a successful campaign in Banzai Reach, it will need to be fully prepared for launch a minimum of 4 weeks ahead of the event. Estimated registrations are reduced by half if a campaign is launched < 15 business days from your event.

Please note invitation campaigns cannot be created for events that start in 5 business days or less.

How is this different than my internal sales team?
Your internal sales team has pre-existing relationships, making them great at getting customers and pipeline to register. Net-new registrations are more challenging, requiring a strategic outreach process. The Banzai platform will act as your outreach team, allowing Sales to focus on what they do best.

How does pricing work?
Banzai Reach is an annual subscription. Please contact Sales with further pricing questions.

What is the conversion rate to registration?
Similar to any other advertising platform, your conversion rates may vary on any given event. Across all campaigns run on Banzai Reach, we found our customers average a 1% conversion rate to registration for in-person events and .25% for virtual events.

Do we receive the contact information of everyone Banzai Reach invites to my event?
Because of privacy laws, we only provide customers with the information of people who register for your event or express interest in registering over the phone.

What are the steps for launching an event with Banzai Reach?

  1. Accept the invite to the Banzai Reach platform

  2. Add event details (location, description, time, etc.)

  3. Build your audience profile

  4. Upload suppressions and/or target accounts if applicable

  5. Submit your own email copy by emailing it to [email protected].

What happens after I enter my event?
Banzai Reach automatically generates your audience based on the criteria you entered and then writes email and phone scripts. Outreach will begin approximately 2 days after you enter your event details. Your customer adoption or success manager will set up a weekly touch base call leading up to your event.

How do we know the contact information is correct?
Once someone registers, we have a QA process to make sure the contact information is correct.

Can you suppress specific contacts and/or accounts?
In order to do this, Banzai Reach will need a complete list of the domains you want to suppress.

What does Banzai Reach outreach include?
Banzai Reach is an omnichannel outreach platform. Outreach includes email and phone outreach. You may toggle on/off week before and day before reminders as well. The reminder cadence includes email reminders.

Do you represent us (white-label) or Banzai Reach?
For 99% of our customers, we send everything from our Banzai Reach domains and simply say ‘our partner COMPANY is hosting an event’. For the other 1% of customers, we send from a custom subdomain that your company owns. You can decide what makes the most sense for your business.

How are the outreach emails created?
You can submit your own email copy by emailing it to [email protected].

How do you prevent double contacting if my sales team is also doing outreach?
As previously mentioned, you may upload suppression lists into Banzai Reach.

What happens if you register someone we don’t want to attend?
If someone who is not part of your target audience signs up, we will un-invite them for you.

What if someone registers but doesn’t attend?
Banzai Reach's role in your event success is limited to registrations. While we have products available to keep your event top-of-mind and encourage attendance, we cannot guarantee attendees. We anticipate an average of 33% attendance for net new prospects.

Does Banzai Reach integrate with my CRM?
We currently do not have a native integration, but we will soon! When a prospect says they’d like to attend, we say ‘Great David, as a courtesy I’ll go ahead and register you.’ A Banzai agent then goes onto your registration page and registers your contact.

Presumably, your Salesforce or Marketo is connected to your registration page. In addition, we also add your contact into your campaign in the Banzai Reach platform, which you have full access to.

Do you have an example of ROI customers have seen?
Last year, a customer spent $100,000 on Banzai Reach registrations.

ROI: $3.6 million in direct pipeline, $6.2 million in influenced pipeline.

Last quarter, Banzai Reach drove 33% of all of a customer’s field marketing registrations.

ROI: The customer-generated registrations had a 2% conversion rate to opp, Banzai Reach generated registrations had a 5% conversion rate to opp.

How do you handle international privacy regulations (CAN-SPAM, CASL, GDPR, etc)?
Many countries such as Canada have certain internet spam or solicitation laws. We follow laws accordingly; if the respective country restricts specific types of outreach, we do not engage potential prospects in those areas via the restricted method.

Common Banzai Reach Terminology

  • Event – a net-new prospect or customer B2B field marketing event

  • Registration – a prospect or customer who registers for an event

  • Interested Lead – a professional within your selected audience who verbally agreed to register for your event over the phone, and did not complete their registration via the follow up email link

  • Campaign – the sum of all actions taken within the customer/Banzai Reach relationship leading up to each event (pre, during, and post)

  • Attendee – a net-new prospect or customer who attends an event

  • Confirmation – a verbal or written commitment from a net-new prospect or customer confirming their attendance status for an event the following day

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