An Audience Campaign holds a list of contacts for outreach.


  • After creating your event, you will be taken to the Campaign creation page.

  • You can also create a Campaign later by clicking Start a Campaign on your event details page. (See gif below)

  • Campaign Name: You can name it after your event, or after something that represents the audience, such as “Banzai Reach Audience” or “Target Contacts”.

Audience: Select an existing audience or create a new one

If selecting an existing Audience Profile that was created prior to October 2020, consider these changes that will need to be made:

  • Location: Locations are now a part of your Audience instead of your Campaign, so you will be prompted to add a location after clicking Create Campaign.

  • Competitors to Suppress: This field no longer exists, so if you had company names listed previously you will need to create a suppression account list (domain is required) and upload to your Audience. You can accomplish this when adding your location, or by cloning an old Audience Profile and editing as needed. You can also start fresh by creating a new Audience!

Create a new Audience: Click + to be taken to the Audience creation page.

List: Upload your own target contact list

  • Download the target contact list template to ensure a successful upload.

  • Once you have your list saved to your desktop, click Select List to choose the file.

  • Click Add

Audience AI: Create a profile to use with our Audience AI

  • Click New Profile

  • See Create an Audience Profile for help and best practices.

  • Click Save Profile

  • You will then be taken back to the Campaign creation page to select your new Audience from the dropdown list.

  • Note: As a best practice, we recommend uploading your unsubscribe list as a suppression list.

Create a Campaign

  • Click Create Campaign and Accept on the Success message to be taken to your Event details page.

  • If you’d like to create another Campaign, you can click Start a Campaign to go through the above process again.

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