There are scenarios in which you need or want to follow up with Banzai Reach registrants before or after your event. Below are tips for the 2 scenarios we see most often:

1. Gathering Additional Info

  • Banzai Reach’s registration page always includes these fields: full name, email, job title, company, and a privacy policy (see screenshot below). You can also add custom fields of your own.

  • If your registration page asks for additional required info that can’t be added to the Reach registration page, such as payment information, Banzai Reach won’t be able to register your leads.

  • If your registration page requires leads to create an account (i.e., BrightTALK), Banzai Reach won't be able register leads on your page. Follow the tips here for this scenario.

  • This means you will need to log into Banzai Reach daily and export registrant contact info in order to follow up and get the information you need. Banzai Reach does not send out follow-up emails, so you'll need to send out your own communication.

  • However, if the additional information isn’t marked as required on your external registration page, Banzai Reach can still register people on your page.

2. Reaching Out to Assess Interest

It’s common to reach out to registrants before or after an event to gauge their interest level in your product. If this outreach is being done on an individual basis, it’s important that your team understands the context surrounding each Banzai Reach registrant:

  • Know who came from Banzai Reach. This informs your team immediately to check a few more data points.

  • What channel did they respond to? Understanding if they responded to an email or a phone call can help the beginning of the conversation. You can find this information in the Channel column of the registrant export.

  • Did they want to attend live or view the on demand recording? We capture their intent in the Registration Type column of the registrant export.

  • When did they register? Sometimes people forget that they registered for an event, especially if they registered weeks beforehand. Knowing and/or mentioning the date they registered can help them remember. You can find the date they registered in the Created column of the registrant export.

Here’s an example opening of an email based off of the information above:

Hi! Thank you for registering for [Event Name]. I know you told our representative on the phone back on January 1st that you were only interested in watching the recording. Have you had a chance to view it yet? I really enjoyed the content and believe you will too!

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