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Expanding your initial audience is a great way to reach more people and increase the number of registrations for your event. You can expand your audience by adding filters such as locations, seniorities, and company size.

Once a Campaign is created for an event, the Audience used for the Campaign is locked. Therefore, in order to expand your Audience you will need to create a new Campaign with a new Audience Profile that represents the additional leads you would like Banzai Reach to target. Please follow the below steps:

  • First view the Audience Profile you are already using in your Event’s Campaign.

  • Look through the filter options you originally chose vs options still available.

  • Clone the Audience Profile so you can easily carry over fields that may need to stay the same, such as job functions and/or industries.

  • Remove filters that would essentially end up being a duplicate of your first Audience. Ex: If you started out with Director+ seniority and want to add Managers, delete Director, VP & C-level from the seniority field and add Manager.

  • Once the new Audience Profile represents your expanded target audience, click Save Profile.

  • Next, click into your event and select Start a Campaign.

  • Choose your new Audience Profile from the drop down menu, then click Create Campaign.

That’s it! Outreach will start to your new target audience within 2 business days.

Note: Be sure to edit your original Audience to include the expansion (for example, adding Managers) if you'd like to use your combined target audience for a future event.

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