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Create an Audience AI Profile
Create an Audience AI Profile
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Creating an Audience Profile is a vital part of launching your event with Banzai Reach. This is how you define the target audience you want to reach. There are 2 ways you can create an Audience Profile. We encourage you to follow our best practices for each field as you fill it out.

Campaign: Choosing your Audience Profile is part of creating your Campaign.

  • To create a new Audience Profile, click + next to the dropdown under “Select an existing audience or create a new one.”

  • Click New Profile under Audience AI.

  • After filling out the Audience Profile, you will return to the Campaign page and select your new Audience Profile from the dropdown.

  • Note: As a best practice, we recommend uploading your unsubscribe list as a suppression list.

If you also want to upload a list of target contacts, you will need to create a separate Campaign. If it's a new list, create a new Audience then select the Import List option instead of Audience AI. If you've already uploaded the list for a past event you can select it from the dropdown when creating your Campaign.

Audiences: At the top of your home screen, click Audiences. From here, you can:

  • Create an Audience: if you create your Audience Profile here first, it will appear as an option in the Audience dropdown when you create your Campaign.

  • View an Audience: this is helpful if you need to see what filters are selected for an Audience before you select it from your dropdown when creating a Campaign.

  • Clone an Audience Profile: this can save you time if you need a new Audience Profile with just a few tweaks from an old one.

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