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When someone registers for a live event, we automatically send a Calendar Invite. This serves as a placeholder on their calendar. Registrant’s responses are automatically updated in Banzai Reach to indicate if someone accepted or declined an Invitation at any point before your event.

If someone accepts the Calendar Invite, they are considered Confirmed. If someone registers but does not accept the Calendar Invite, they are considered Registered. If someone declines the Calendar Invite, they are considered Declined.

  • Log in to

  • Click on the name of your event.

  • Under the number of Registrations in the upper left corner, click Live | On Demand.

  • The overall percentage of Registrants who are Confirmed is displayed in the upper right corner. You’ll also see a breakdown with the number of Registrants who are Confirmed, Registered, and Declined.

  • The Status column shows each Registrant’s response.


  • You can also see Confirmation Status of each Registrant for your event by exporting your Registration list.

  • If a lead expresses interest in registering over the phone but does not complete registration from the follow up email, they are considered interested.

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