Clone an Audience Profile
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If you need to create a new Audience Profile that is very similar to an existing one, you can clone it, then edit the details to reflect the new information.

  • Log in to

  • From the top navigation bar, click Audiences.

  • Find the Audience you want to clone.

  • If you don’t need to view the profile before choosing to clone, click on the copy icon in the far right Action column.

  • If you’d like to review the profile first before cloning, click on the name of the profile, then when you are ready click Clone in the upper right corner.

  • Rename the cloned profile and edit as needed.

Note: We recommend that you use a naming convention that includes Location - Seniority - Job Function. Such as: USA - Director+ - IT.

Tip: Since target and suppression files will copy over to your cloned profile, you could create a profile that holds a master target or suppression list that your team will need to use every time. Then, you can always create a clone of that profile and add to it from there. In this case you could name it Master Profile.

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