How do I upload a list of contacts as Registered or Checked-In?

1. Create an event as normal in Captix.

2. Fill out all info on the tabs before Emails & Invitations.

3. On Emails & Invitations, turn OFF Invitations and turn OFF Registration Reminders.

4. Turn other emails On or Off according to your preferences.

5. Publish event.

6. Re-open event, and go to Emails & Invitations tab. Now that your event is published, you will have the option to upload a list as Registered or Checked-In.

7. Select your file (format needs to be the same as a regular upload).

8. Select ‘Registered’ or ‘Checked-In’ as upload type.

9. If you want to send out Reg Confirmation (for Registered contacts) or Survey (for Checked-In contacts), check the box. If not, leave it unchecked.

10. Click Import, then Update your published event.

11. Wait 15 minute buffer period and then your new Registrants or Checked-In Attendees will appear inside your event and on the Check-In app.