Pre-Launch Checklist

We all want your events to launch as smoothly and as quickly as possible--having complete and correct information in Banzai helps that happen. Here is a checklist of some important items to address before you begin your outreach campaigns.

Testing your Confirmation Emails

  • Be sure to conduct a test registration on your own registration page to make sure your Confirmation Emails are sending correctly.

Multi-day and multi-session events

  • Is your event part of a series? Does it have multiple days or breakout sessions? Check out this help article for tips on setting up different event types.

Opt-Ins and Privacy Policies

Event date/time

  • Make sure the date & time displayed on your registration page matches the date & time you’ve entered into Banzai. Be sure to double-check the time zone.

Additional questions on your registration page

  • Banzai is currently unable to support additional custom questions on our registration pages that you may have on your registration page. If you have questions as part of your page, consider making them optional, deciding on default answers for our registrants, or following up with Banzai registrants yourself.

Draft status

  • It’s always an option to enter your event details and save as a draft, but it’s a good practice to set yourself a reminder to finish setting up your event in Banzai as soon as you have the necessary information. If your event is left in draft status and doesn’t have a campaign created, we won’t be able to launch outreach.

Creating a campaign

  • After you’ve published your event, make sure to create a campaign to enable Banzai to launch outreach. Outreach cannot begin without a campaign.

Using Target/Suppression lists

  • If you’re using Target and/or Suppression lists, it’s important to have them ready to upload when creating your audience. Download templates here. As a best practice, we recommend uploading your unsubscribe list as a Suppression Contact list.

Checking your audience size

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