Create Quiz Game Application

A Quiz Game is a type of application that your event attendees can play in order to try to win a prize while at the same time giving  your team valuable information about the participant and their potential interest in your product.

  • Log in to Banzai Virtual as Company Admin.
  • Hover over Event Admin icon (stack of papers) and select Applications.
  • Click Add New+ in the upper right corner.
  • Name your Application, then select Quiz Game in the Type dropdown.

There are 5 tabs to go through to manage settings and content for a Quiz Game.

  1. Basics
  • Attach the Meeting Request Application to the proper Event(s) by clicking the check boxes on the far left side of the Events table. Note: You must create the Event you need this application for first so that it shows up in this table as an option.
  1. Email and Notifications

Select one of the options for email communication sent to participants under the dropdown menu Emails and Notifications Type. 

  • Do nothing - No emails will be sent to participants.
  • Send a one time email - Choose the template you’d like to use from the E-Mail Template drop-down menu.
  • Use Event Kit 
  1. Form Fields
  • Delete or edit form fields as needed.
  • Click Add New Field+ in the bottom right corner to add additional fields.
  1. Customize
  • Upload a background image and customize colors.
  1. Questions
  • Add questions to your survey by clicking Create New Question.