Create On-Site Registration Application

This application type allows you to register people on-site at your in-person event, check-in participants, and print badges.

  • Log in to Banzai Virtual as Company Admin.
  • Hover over Event Admin icon (stack of papers) and select Applications.
  • Click Add New+ in the upper right corner.
  • Name your Application, then select On-Site Registration in the Type dropdown.

There are 3 tabs to go through to manage settings and content for an On-Site Registration 

  1. Basics
  • The bottom of this page includes a section to build out what your On-Site Registration Application page will look like. We recommend that you build it using Dynamic Tags in the Editor view, then you can look at the Advanced HTML view to tweak formatting if you need to. 
  1. Email and Notifications

Select one of the four options for email communication sent to registrants under the dropdown menu Emails and Notifications Type. 

  • Do nothing - No emails will be sent to registrants.
  • Send a one time email - Choose the template you’d like to use from the E-Mail Template drop-down menu.
  • Use Event Kit.

Mark Send Notification Emails if you’d like to get a notification for each new participant.

  1. Form Fields
  • Delete or edit fields as needed.
  • Click Add New Field+ in the bottom right corner to add additional fields.