Create a Speaker Registration Application

Speaker Registration Applications are pages that serve as your registration form specifically for speakers, gathering the specific information you need in order for them to register for your event.

  • Log in to Banzai Virtual as Company Admin
  • Hover over Event Admin icon (stack of papers) and select Applications
  • Click Add New+ in the upper right corner
  • Name your Application, then select Speaker Registration Application in the Type dropdown.

There are 4 tabs to go through in order to choose settings and add content to this Speaker Registration Application.

1. Basic

  • Attach the Speaker Registration Application to the proper Event(s) by clicking the check boxes on the far left side of the Events table. Note: You must create the Event you need this application for first so that it shows up in this table as an option.
  • At the bottom of the Basics tab you can customize your registration page by using HTML or Dynamic Tags.
  • You must use the Dynamic Tag called Dynamic Form so the Form Fields you will define in a later tab show up on your registration page.

2. Email and Notifications

  • This is specifically for sending yourself notifications when someone registers for your event.

3. Form Fields

  • Delete or edit form fields as needed.
  • Click Add New Field+ in the bottom right corner to add additional fields.

4. Thank You Page

  • This is defining what your thank you/confirmation page looks like after a speaker registers for your event.

Additional Notes:

  • To edit an application, click the blue edit icon in the Action column on the far right side of the application you need to edit.
  • Speakers will be represented in the Sort column of the Participant list.