Add a Promo Code

You can add a Promo Code to your event for registrants to use. Note: Each Fee Template requires its own Promo Code.

  • Log in to Banzai Virtual (formerly High Attendance) as an Event Admin.
  • Hover over the Events icon (calendar) and select All Events.
  • Click the Edit icon (blue pen) on the far right side of the table for the Event to which you wish to add a promo code.
  • Select the Payment tab.
  • Scroll to the Fee Template section and click Add New+ on the far right side.

  • Fill out required fields, click Confirm, then scroll down to the Promo Code section. Note: You need to ensure that you have previously set up your Categories before you’ll be able to set up your Promo Codes.

  • Fill out required fields. Under Discount Type you can choose whether the promo code takes a percentage off of the cost or if it’s a fixed dollar amount.

  • Click Save Promo Code.

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