It’s important to make sure the form fields on your Banzai Reach registration page match up with the form fields on your event’s registration page. The fields that will always be included on your Banzai Reach registration page are Full Name, Email, Title, and Company.

To add additional fields, click Add New and select the appropriate type of custom field:

  • Short Text

  • Long Text

  • Multiselect

  • Single Select

  • Marketing Opt-In

After you choose the field type, type in the label for that field, and click Save Field.

You can make a field required as well. If your event’s registration page has a required field, make sure you also mark the field as required in Banzai Reach.

Repeat until you have added each field t​​hat appears on your event registration page into Banzai Reach. You can control the order in which the fields are placed by dragging and dropping.

Once your event is published, you’ll see each field on your Banzai Reach registration page.

Important: Once you start a campaign for your event, you cannot update your custom fields.

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