Banzai Reach's variety of centralized channels automates event marketing to drive targeted audiences to professional events. Our Audience AI makes sure the right attendees register for your events, producing better, more valuable experiences for event leaders and your guests.

Banzai Reach Email

Event information populated within Banzai Reach is translated into a multi-touch email campaign. Emails are designed based on industry standards and best practices learned from generating thousands of registrations and sending millions of emails.

Emails are sent to the target audience created from your ideal customer profile which is based on:

  • Job Function

  • Company size

  • Industry

  • Geography

You can choose to include target accounts and customer lists, and apply necessary suppressions to make sure the right audience is invited to the event.

Attendees can easily sign-up for events with Banzai Reach One-Click Registration, a simple way for your target audience to register for your upcoming events without having to fill out any forms, maximizing registration rates.

Banzai Reach Call Center

For event and marketing leaders who struggled to get SDR support for events, Banzai Reach provides a turn-key managed call center with no setup required.

The event information you provide within the Banzai Reach platform is translated into a multi-touch call campaign that runs alongside Banzai Reach emails to drive targeted attendees to your business event.

Banzai Reach's call scripts are designed based on industry standards and best practices.

Banzai Reach Registration Pages

Banzai Reach Registration Pages are automatically created when you set up an event within Banzai Reach. Registration Pages are built to:

  • Optimize conversions

  • Simplify event marketing

  • Track registrations by lead source

Users can customize by easily adding their logo and a branded event cover photo.

Banzai Reach Automatic Calendar Invitations

Calendar invitations play a crucial role in increasing event attendance. Banzai Reach automates the calendar invitation process directly through the platform.

All event registrants are automatically sent a calendar invitation with the upcoming event details as soon as they register for the event.

This feature includes two-way, real-time integration. When a registrant accepts or declines the invite, their status is updated automatically in the Banzai Reach platform.

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