Audience Campaign: You are prompted to create an Audience Campaign after entering your event details. It’s a representation of your Target Audience. You can have multiple Audience Campaigns to represent different audiences, such as a Target Contact List and a Banzai Reach Generated List.

Audience Profile: A set of criteria that describes your target audience. Banzai Reach pulls leads from our database for invitations using this criteria.

Audience Summary: This is a summary of your target audience size that is automatically generated and displayed within your audience profile.

Calendar Invites: Banzai Reach automatically sends Calendar Invites after a Lead registers for an event. This serves as a placeholder on their calendar. Their response automatically updates the Status column on the Registrations Page to indicate if someone accepted or declined an Invitation at any point before your event.

*Note: This is for regional and webinar event types only. On-Demand events don't receive a calendar invite since there is no date associated with the event.

Confirmation Campaign: One week prior to a regional event, a round of email confirmations are done to confirm potential attendees. Webinar events only get a reminder email the day of the event. You can opt out of a confirmation campaign when adding an event by unchecking the box at the bottom of the event details.

Form Field Customizations: You can customize the fields that are included on the Banzai Reach registration page so it matches the fields on your event's registration page. The fields that will always be included on your Banzai Reach registration page are Full Name, Email, Title, and Company.

Guest Rules: This is part of the event creation process and indicates whether you’re open to our Leads inviting colleagues to join them. This is a great way to increase your registration number! Click on the ? icon to help you decide which guest rule to choose.

Interested Leads: An "interested" lead is a professional within your selected audience who verbally agreed to register for your event over the phone, and did not complete their registration via the follow up email link. These folks fit the persona you are looking for, and may have not seen the email or simply forgot to register.

Join URL (Customer): This is the link that registrants use to join your webinar event. If you provide a join URL, we will include it in the calendar invite and registration confirmation that we send out (dependent on confirmations being enabled).

Leads: Contacts receiving Banzai Reach Invitations who may RSVP.

On-Demand Event: An event that is pre-recorded and available to view immediately after registering.

On-Demand URL: This is the link that registrants use to view your on-demand event. If provided, this is included in the registration confirmation email and "thank you" page that shows up immediately after registration.

Open Rate: This number is somewhat representative of the percentage of emails that have been opened. Open Rates give a general overview of engagement, but they have several limitations and are never 100% accurate.

Opt-In: For compliance purposes, we ask leads if they would like to Opt-In for future content as part of their registration process. Their response is noted in your registration export. If their response is no, your Sales team can still contact them since they’re only saying no to the following:

  • Phone: Would you also like to be added to our Opt-In List for more events like this and other related content?

  • Registration Form: I'd like to opt-in to receive communication from [company name].

If your organization requires a custom opt-in question on our registration form, you can edit your Organization and add the customer opt-in on that page. The custom opt-in will now show up for all of your current and future events.

Invitation Channels:

  • Email: nice and short email with a link to the event’s Banzai Reach Registration Page

  • Phone: calls are made using engaging scripts

Regional Event: A live, in-person event at a specific location.

Registration: A lead who registers for the event.

Registration Limit: This indicates the maximum number of registrations desired for a particular event. We’ll stop outreach when the limit is reached, and a notification email will be sent to all watchers of the event. The registration limit can be adjusted if needed by editing the event details.

Registration Page (Banzai Reach): Your event details auto-populate a Banzai Reach Registration Page that we use with our invitations to register our leads for your event. We then QA each Registration and register them on your Registration URL.

Registration URL (Customer): This is your company’s event landing page. We’ll use it internally to register our leads for your event.

Reminder Campaign: All registrants who have not declined their calendar invite will be contacted to remind them about a regional or webinar event. You can opt out of a reminder campaign when adding an event by unchecking the box at the bottom of the event details.

*Note: Regional events include a reminder email the week prior and day before an event. Webinars receive a reminder email the morning of the event.

Sender Profile: Sender Profiles allow you to choose the name and title of the person from whom you want Banzai Reach’s outreach to be sent. Your sender profile shows up as the "from" in your emails in this format:

Full Name, Title


Suppression Accounts: If you have a list of companies that you want to avoid inviting, you can upload when creating your Audience Profile. Banzai Reach will not include anyone from these accounts when pulling your audience from our database.

Suppression Contacts: If you have a list of contacts that you want to avoid inviting, you can upload it when creating your audience profile. Banzai Reach will not include anyone on the list in our outreach. As a best practice, we recommend uploading your unsubscribe list as a Suppression Contact list.

Target Accounts: If you want us to only target certain companies, you can upload a list of domains when creating your audience profile. Banzai Reach will use leads from these accounts only.

Target Contacts: If you want Banzai Reach to include specific contacts in our outreach, you can import your list of them when creating an audience.

Virtual Event: An online event that has a similar format to a Regional Event. This is typically longer than 1 hour and/or has an in-person feel, such as turning cameras on and/or unmuting participants.

Webinar Event: A presentation hosted online, normally lasting one hour or less.

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