If your initial target audience size comes back smaller than you’d like it to be, you can adjust your requirements to allow for expansion. If you’ve already started a campaign based on your Audience Profile but want to expand your target audience size you can copy an existing Audience Profile and make some adjustments before starting an additional campaign.

Here are some tips and suggestions for ways to increase your audience size:


  • Add additional regions.

Job Experience

  • Add seniority levels - if you started off with higher seniority levels, consider the fact that lower seniority levels are more likely to attend your event and influence the decision makers.

Job Functions

  • Add additional job functions.

Job Title Keywords (include)

  • Keep in mind that this is an optional field. Can you get to your target audience using the Job Function and Seniority filters without using Keywords? If so, we recommend not using any Title Keywords.

  • If you are using Title Keywords, keep in mind that we will only reach out to leads with the exact words that you choose in their titles. Check your Title Keywords to make sure you aren’t including seniority in them, and see if you can simplify or add.

  • An example of simplifying would be using the keyword “Banking” instead of “Banking Officer + Banking Manager”

Employee Size & Revenue

  • Check to make sure that you’ve only specified either Employee Size or Revenue. We recommend specifying only one of these, to keep from limiting your audience.

  • Consider expanding the company size or revenue lower or higher than your current parameters.

Industry (include)

  • Keep in mind that this is an optional field. If industry is important for your target audience, be sure to select all that apply. We will only pull leads from the exact industries that you include.

Target Accounts

  • If your initial Audience Profile is limited to target accounts, but you’re open to also pulling from a broader Banzai Reach audience, you can remove your target account list when you update your audience.

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