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Audience Name: this profile can be used for future events, so name it something that describes the audience instead of the specific event. Since locations are also part of a saved Audience, we recommend following this naming convention: Job Function - Seniority - Location (ex: IT Manager+ USA).

Locations: type zip codes, cities, states or provinces, and/or countries and select from the pop up. If you select a country that we can’t call and/or email due to compliance reasons, a message will inform you.

Seniority: Select all that apply.

Job Function: Broader categories are at the top, but as you scroll down you will find more granular job functions clumped together by departments. See a list of example titles that fall under each job function here.

Job Title (Include): Adding title keywords will limit our results to only leads with these specific keywords in their title. We encourage you to see if our other criteria (such as seniority and job functions) will cover your desired audience. If you do use this field, you do not need to include seniority keywords.

Job Title (Exclude): Try using this field instead of title keywords (include) if you know of certain titles within job functions that aren’t a good fit.

Employee Size: Select all that apply.

Revenue: Choose your minimum and/or maximum revenue target, if applicable.
Note: most often you will only need to add employee size OR revenue filters; not both.

Industry (Include): this will limit our results to only companies within each industry you select. This is an optional field. See a list of example businesses that fall under each industry here.

Industry (Exclude): alternatively, you could select industries to exclude, especially if it’s a shorter list than selecting a lot of industries to include.

SLED: Do you want SLED leads (State, Local Government and Education) included?

Target Accounts: If you want to only target certain companies, you can upload a list of domains. Banzai Reach will then reach out to leads from these accounts only.

Suppression Accounts: If you have a list of companies that you want to avoid inviting, you can upload a list of domains. Banzai Reach will not include anyone from these accounts in our outreach.

Suppression Contacts: If you have a list of contacts that you want to avoid inviting, you can upload it. Banzai Reach will not include anyone on this list in our outreach. As a best practice, we recommend uploading your unsubscribe list as a Suppression Contact list. View troubleshooting tips here.

Note: If you also want to upload a list of target contacts, you will need to create a separate Campaign. If it's a new list, create a new Audience then select the Import List option instead of Audience AI. If you've already uploaded the list for a past event you can select it from the dropdown when creating your Campaign.

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