There are a multitude of event types within the virtual event space. Here’s a guide to a few event types that aren’t the straightforward webinars that Banzai Reach was originally built to support:

Event Series: Are you hosting the same event 4 weeks in a row with the hope that leads can choose which date works best for them? Banzai Reach doesn’t currently have the capability to allow our leads to choose a date, so here are a few options:

  • Create a separate event for each date. (Tip: after you create your first event you can copy it to save time.)

  • This works well if your target audience is broad (10,000+ contacts) because that will allow Banzai Reach to split your audience across each event to avoid duplicate outreach.

  • If your target audience is smaller, you may want to choose one or two of your date options, and make sure to offer a recording so people can still sign up if they aren’t available on that date.

Event with Breakout Sessions or Tracks: If your event has different sessions or tracks to choose from, Banzai Reach doesn’t currently have the option to display those options on our registration form. Here are some solutions to choose from in this instance:

  • Create a separate event for each session or track, with specific event descriptions. This works really well if your target audience is different for each one.

  • Make it optional to select sessions on your registration page, and allow attendees to choose during the event or via follow up communication after registration. This will allow Banzai Reach to still register people on your registration page.

  • If you need to make the session choices required on your registration page, your team will need to handle following up with Banzai Reach registrants to get this information. This means Banzai Reach will not register them on your registration page.

Sequential Multi-Day Events: You can add multiple days with start and end times when creating your event, but currently on our registration page it will only show the first date/start time - last date/end time, making it appear to be one very long event! Here are a few tips and options:

  • Clearly state the start and end times for each day in your agenda.

  • Send in email copy for the event to [email protected] so we can highlight what you know will help sell a longer event. This is very important because it can be hard for our copywriters to pick and choose what to highlight in a short email script when it’s a multi-day event with a lot of content.

  • An alternative idea is to create separate events for each day, having us hyper-focus on the content for that particular day. This works well if you have a different target audience for each day or are open to splitting your audience into smaller groups. If you go this route we recommend still mentioning the other days in your event description or agenda, especially if you will be communicating about all of the days after they register.

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