*Event Name: This will display on your Banzai Reach registration page. If you’re hosting an in-person event, It’s helpful if you include the city location here. (ex: Event Name - City)

*Registration Limit: Banzai Reach will automatically pause outreach once we hit this number and send you an email notification that your event is full. You can then edit your event and increase the limit if you wish. Registrants will also be able to see how many registrations are remaining when they go to register for your event.

Registration URL: This can be your regular registration link, or you can choose to create a UTM for Banzai Reach so you can track our registrations within your system. We use this link to register people on your page. Banzai Reach's outreach includes our own registration page which is automatically populated from some of these fields in the event details. Note: Make sure that there are no spaces before or after the URL.

*Description: Please include the most important info you’d like us to include in our scripts. Keep in mind we are most likely communicating with net new prospects, so what is most relevant to them? Consider keynote speakers, incentives or giveaways, CPE credits, etc.

*Date/Time Information: Please make sure this matches your agenda on your landing page. The Banzai Reach app automatically converts Registration Pages and Calendar Invites to the correct time zone for potential registrant's locations, while accounting for seasonal time changes.

*Guest Rules: Click on the ? icon to review what each option means.

Guest Limitations: We recommend allowing as many guests as possible!

*Agenda/Timeline: Please make sure this matches your registration page.

Sender Profile: Choose the name and title that you want Banzai Reach to send email outreach from. Optional: add a reply-to name and email for outreach.

Enable registration confirmation: Check the box if you’d like Banzai Reach to send a confirmation email to registrants after they have registered on the Banzai Reach registration page. For On-Demand Webinars, if you provide your On-Demand URL, we will include it in this registration confirmation email.

Event Visibility: Let us know if you'd like your event listed on the public Banzai Reach Events page (public) or if you prefer not to have your event visible on the Banzai Reach Events page (invite-only).

Custom Fields: It’s important to make sure the form fields on your Banzai Reach registration page match the form fields on your event’s registration page. Add additional fields and mark them required as necessary until you have added each field t​​hat appears on your event registration page into Banzai Reach.

Customize Privacy Policy: If you choose to add a custom privacy policy, a registrant will see the policy underneath the autofilled Banzai privacy policy when registering and by registering they will agree to the terms.

Integrations: If you use Marketo, you can connect your account within Banzai Reach.

Webinar Events Only

Join URL: This is the link that registrants will use to actually join your virtual event. It will be included in Banzai Reach's automatic calendar invites, registration confirmation emails, and reminder emails so that our registrants are able to easily find how to join when the event is ready to start.

*Recording: If you select yes, a Send me the recording link will automatically be added to your registration page. This will allow people to register if they aren't available on the time and date of the live virtual event but want to be sent the recording afterwards. These registrations will come through as an On Demand registration type.

Enable same-day reminder email: Check the box if you’d like Banzai Reach to send a reminder email on the morning of your event. This won’t be sent to registrants who registered to receive a recording.

On-Demand Event Only

Add On-Demand Webinar Recording URL: This is the link to view your On-Demand webinar. Banzai Reach will share the URL with registrants either on the thank-you landing page, in a confirmation email, or both.

If the Recording URL is supplied and the Send Registration Confirmation box is not checked:

  • URL will be shown on the thank-you landing page after registration.

If the Recording URL is supplied and the Send Registration Confirmation box is checked:

  • URL will be shown on the thank you-landing page after registration.

  • URL will be sent to registrants in the Registration Confirmation email.

If the Recording URL is not supplied:

  • You will need to send your own follow-up communication to registrants, including the Recording URL.

In-Person Events Only

*Address: It’s important that the address matches the address on your registration page, which will hopefully also match Google Maps. Important: click the yellow Find button after entering the address to ensure that the correct time zone for the event location will be reflected.

*Venue Name: This would be the name of the restaurant, event space, etc.

Venue Details: If there are additional details like a certain floor or suite # or a needed explanation of the venue type, include that here.

Ticketed Event: Will your registrants receive a ticket before the event?

Onsite Contact Detail: Please include the main point of contact the day of your event. This is helpful information that we include in our reminder emails and calendar invites.

Parking: Is there free parking, valet, parking validation or are you offering a Lyft or Uber code?

*Food Details: What meals, drinks or snacks are you providing? Will there be gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan options? This information will show up under a section called Highlights on your registration page.

Enable week-before guest confirmation: Check the box if you’d like Banzai Reach to reach out to registrants the week prior to your event to confirm attendance.

Enable day-before reminder email: Check the box if you’d like Banzai Reach to send a reminder email on the day before your event.

*These fields populate the Banzai Reach registration page.

See which event details auto-fill your registration page:

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