After logging in to High Attendance, there are 3 ways you can invite a participant to an event.

1. Event Overview Page

  • Select the name of the event in which you want to invite participants. This will take you to the Event Overview page.

  • Once on this page, select the blue Invite icon in the upper right corner and click Attendee.

  • For import type, you can either type out a list of email addresses or upload a CSV of recipients.

  • In the List of recipients box, add the email addresses of the participants you wish to invite, then click Send in the bottom right corner.

  • If you choose the CSV option, upload your participants using the CSV template here, then click Send in the bottom right corner.

  • You can verify your invitees in the Participants tab at the bottom of the Event Overview page under the Event Activity section. Invited participants will have a status of Invited.

2. Existing Invitee

  • If you’d like to invite a participant that has been invited to a past event, you can do so when initially adding a new event or by editing the event.

  • From the Edit Event page, select Attendees and Participants tab and click Add Existing in the upper right corner.

  • Select the contact(s) you want to invite from your existing participant list, then click Save.

3. Upload merge list

  • From the Edit Event page, click Attendees and Participants, then scroll down to the Upload merge list section.

  • Click Choose File. CSV must be in specific format. Download CSV template here.

  • After uploading your file, you should see it beneath the Choose File button.

  • Under Upload List As: select Invitees.

  • Choose your invitee Category if needed, then click Save Changes.​​​​​​​

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