Email Kits allow you to group several Email Templates for an event in one place. Once you have an Email Kit created, you can add it to an Event.

Note: The instructions below spell out how to add Email Kits at the company level. You can also create an Email Kit with Email Templates when creating or editing a specific event. These Email Kits will only be found within that event and will not be saved at the company level.

  • Log in to High Attendance as an Event Admin.

  • Hover over Event Admin (stack of papers icon) and click Templates and Email Kits.

  • Select Email Kits tab.

  • Click +Add New in the upper right corner.

Note: The Email Template tab is used to create Email Templates for an Application type, not for an Event.

After you have created the Email Kit, you must add Email Templates to the Email Kit.

  • Click +Add New in the upper right corner.

  • Under the Basics tab you will define the subject, sending information, and desired send date based on User Category or Status.

  • Ex: Create a ‘thank-you’ Email Template that is automatically sent after someone attends (User Status = Attended).

  • Repeat until you have all your Email Templates created for this particular Email Kit.

Note: When you attach an Email Kit to an event, the kit is considered specific to that Event. Edits made to the Email Kit from within the Event will not change the Email Kit at the company level, therefore if the same Email Kit is attached to a different Event it will contain the original Email Templates.

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