Event Requests are a way for you to allow other people on your team to submit a request to add an Event to the platform instead of asking them to add a new event themselves. This is useful if there needs to be an approval flow.

First you’ll want to set up what your Event Request form will contain, and then you can monitor Event Requests that come in.

Event Request Setup

  • Log in to High Attendance as a Company Admin

  • Hover over the Company Admin (gear) icon, then click Form & Core Fields.

  • Click on the Event tab.

  • Select the type of event in which you want to define your Event Request fields (Exhibit, Virtual, Physical).

  • In the Show in column select either Both or Event Request. ​​​​​​​

  • Choose if you would like each field to be Required, Visible, or Hidden.

  • If you would like a field that is not in the default list, click Add New Field + in the upper right corner.

  • When complete, click Save Changes.

Monitor Event Requests

  • Log in to High Attendance as an Event Admin

  • Hover over the Event Admin (stack of papers) icon, then click Event Requests.

  • Click on the red Edit and Publish button in the far right Action column.

  • Review the details, edit as needed, then click Approve at the bottom of any tab’s page.

  • When the Event is ready to go live, a user will still need to edit the Event and click Publish at the bottom of any tab’s page.

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