Before creating your first event, there are a few critical features to set up:

There are two ways to start creating your event.

1. After you log in to High Attendance, you will be viewing the Dashboard. To get back to this page at any point, click on the house icon in the left-hand sidebar.

  • Click New Event in the upper right corner.

2. From the home page, hover over Events (calendar icon) in the left-hand sidebar, then select All Events.

  • Click Add New+ in the upper right corner.

Both options lead you to the following steps:

  • Fill out Event Name and Event Type, then click Next.

  • Fill out required fields in Basic tab

  • Fill out desired fields in Advanced tab

  • Select Emails tab

  • Assign Email Kit

  • To check templates for complete information, click the Edit icon in the Action column.

  • Click Save or Save and Activate

  • Once satisfied, click Save Draft or Publish Event

  • Your event must be published in order for emails to send.

When you create an event, it is automatically assigned a Registration Application. You can edit the application, along with your event details, emails and participants, all on the Event Overview page.

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