A Lottery Application is a game that allows you to pick one winner at random from your event participants.

Below are instructions on how to create and customize a Lottery for your next event:

  • Log in to High Attendance as a Company Admin.

  • Hover over the Event Admin icon on the far left side and select Applications

  • Click Add New+

  • Select Lottery as the Application Type.

There are 3 tabs to go through in order to complete setup.

1. Basic

  • Attach the Lottery Application to the proper Event(s) by clicking the check boxes on the far left side of the Events table. Note: You must create the Event you need this application for first so that it shows up in this table as an option.

  • Add a screensaver and/or customize the Lottery page (using the CSS Editor), if desired.

2. Email and Notifications

  • Select Email Kit to send emails that notify players if they won.

3. Customize

  • Upload images

  • Edit the background

  • Edit the buttons/spinners

  • Add prizes

After you click Save you will be directed to the Application Overview page.

  • Click on the preview (screen) icon in the Action column to preview the Lottery.

  • To edit the application, click the blue edit icon in the Action column.

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