A Landing Page Application is a standalone web page designed with a single call to action (CTA). You can customize your Landing Page to fit your needs and use case.

  • Log in to High Attendance as Company Admin

  • Hover over Event Admin icon (stack of papers) and select Applications

  • Click Add New+ in the upper right corner

  • Name your Application, then select Landing Page in the Type dropdown

  • Note: The Description box is meant to be an internal description.

  • The bottom of this page includes a section to build out what your Landing Page will look like. We recommend that you build it using Dynamic Tags in the Editor view, then you can look at the Advanced HTML view to tweak formatting if you need.

Additional Notes:

  • You will need to attach this Application to your event in order to make the appropriate content populate based off of the Dynamic Tags you chose.

  • To edit an application, click the blue edit icon in the Action column on the far right side of the application you need to edit.

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