A Digital Collateral Browser is a content library you can share with participants in order for them to download content that is relevant to them after they fill out a form gathering information you would like to collect.

Note: Content needs to be added to the Company before creating a Digital Collateral Browser.

Below are instructions on how to create and customize a Digital Collateral Browser for your next event:

  • Log in to High Attendance as an Event Admin.

  • Hover over the Event Admin icon on the far left side and select Applications

  • Click Add New+

  • Select Digital Collateral Browser as the Application Type.

There are 4 tabs to go through in order to complete setup.

1. Basic

  • Choose desired settings, including Custom Filters that can be an option for participants. Note: You must have Content assigned to these filters in order for them to show up in the Digital Collateral Browser.

  • Attach the Digital Collateral Browser to the proper Event(s) by clicking the check boxes on the far left side of the Events table. Note: You must create the Event you need this application for first so that it shows up in this table as an option.

  • If you choose to display Categories under the Landing Page settings, you must have Content assigned Categories in order for them to show up in the Digital Collateral Browser.

  • Click Save.

2. Content

  • If your Content is already organized by Categories you can choose to click Load Content From Categories.

  • Add Tags, if desired.

  • Select the checkbox next to the Content you want to add to your Digital Collateral Browser. You can use the Search box to find Content if there are multiple pages of Content available to choose from.

  • Click Save.

3. Email and Notifications

  • Select what type of Email and Notification Type you want to send participants that choose to download content.

  • If you click Send a one time email, you will see examples of templates to choose from.

  • If you select Use Email Kit you can add a specific Email Kit to your event so that participants will get emails based on specific actions.

  • Click Save.

4. Form Fields

  • This is where you define the information you want to gather before sending a participant the content they wish to consume.

  • Delete or edit form fields as needed.

  • Click Add New Field+ in the bottom right corner to add additional fields.

  • Click Save.

After you click Save you will be directed to the Application Overview page.

  • Click on the preview (screen) icon in the Action column to preview the Digital Collateral Browser.

  • To edit the application, click the blue edit icon in the Action column.

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