After supporting thousands of events, the Banzai team has learned a thing or two about what it takes to produce successful events that accelerate pipeline and create revenue opportunities.

Here are our best practices for getting the most out of your Banzai experience--particularly when it comes to Virtual Events.

Add your event to Banzai ~4 weeks before the event date to allow for a full 3 weeks of outreach.

  • Offer a recording and a copy of the presentation to all registrants.

  • Include information about your speakers and/or guests in your outreach and on your registration page.

  • Keep your audience profile as broad as possible, while still targeting people who will be interested in your event and who you’ll be interested in talking to afterwards.

  • Create engaging content – Make it an event you would want to attend!

  • Review your Banzai registration page and add a cover photo.

  • Offer incentives for attending (gifts/gift cards).

  • Consider Banzai an extension of your team and make it a part of your overall event marketing strategy.

To dive a little deeper, check out our webinar Keys to Virtual Event Success with Banzai.

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